APIs in Tina4

From inception Tina4 was designed to rapid prototype API end points in conjunction with making SwaggerUI documentation available quickly with annotated routing.

After running the composer start command in your IDE terminal, the Swagger UI will be available when you use the following address in your Web brosers URL address bar:


An example of a post end point end point:

* @description This end point allows and upload of a json string and saves it to a file
* @tags users,uploads
\Tina4\Post::add("/api/users/uploads", function (\Tina4\Response $response, \Tina4\Request $request){

    if (!empty($request->data)) {
        file_put_contents("./updates/update.json", serialize($request->data));
        $result = "Ok!";
    } else {
        $result = "Failed!";

    return $response ($result);

You can also secure your API end points. For more information click this link.

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